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Four Guidelines for Feeding a New Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting event. You now have a new member of the family that needs to be looked after and cared for, and puppyhood is a time of rapid growth and development. When it comes to nutrition, puppies require different levels of nutrients than older dogs . . . . Read More

Dylan and Knox Spend the Weekend Together

It's time for an annual checkup and vaccinations which means a visit to the veterinarian. So, Dylan's brother Knox comes for a visit and the sibling rivalry is renewed. Read More

How to Properly Maintain Your Own Fish Tank at Home

Maintaining a home aquarium needn't be a costly or time-consuming business - often doing small regular maintenance tasks will solve bigger problems from happening in the long run so it's best to set up a standard routine as early as possible. Read More

Ways to Help Your Dog Cope with Arthritis and Painful Joint Problems

In a guest post Zara Lewis offer tips on helping your dog cope with arthritis and painful joint problems. She includes tips on exercising and diet in order to help your dog maintain a healthy weight and . . . . Read More

Birds as Pets

If you're considering getting a bird for a pet, do your homework first and see if you're ready for what can be a long-term commitment when caring for these wonderful creatures. It's also a good idea to speak with a veterinarian prior to bringing your pet bird home. The first stop on the way home . . . . Read More

Winter Pet Care Tips

Winter presents its own set of unique circumstances for pet owners to deal with. Learning a few tips for winter pet care can help us through the cold snowy months. Read More

Dylan's First Snow

Dylan makes me smile several times every day and often laugh aloud. His first experience with snow this past week was hilarious. I laughed until the tears were streaming down my face. Read More

Seven Durable Dog Toys

Barbara shares a list of the toys she's found that Dylan cannot or has not destroyed yet. The toughest toy on the list is his favorite. Read More

Puppy Teething -- All You Need to Know

Zara Lewis offers useful tips on how to help your puppy through the teething process. Her personal experience about what she has learned includes what to do and what not to do about your puppy's diet and how to eliminate destructive behavior as your puppy goes through this natural process. Read More

Can Animals be Left- and Right-pawed?

Janice Lloyd and Richard Squires of James Cook University answer the question: While watching my cat engaging in yet another battle with my shoelace, I noticed that he seemed mainly to use his left front paw. Do animals have a more dextrous side that they favour for particular tasks, just like humans? – Mike, Perth. Read the answer.

Pets as Holiday Gifts

So, you're thinking about or have already decided to give someone on your gift list a pet this holiday season. Personally, I can think of nothing more adorable than a kitten or puppy. However, I would ask you to stop and think this through to the end. I can give you many many reasons to own a pet and at the same time tell you giving someone a pet as a present is not always the best thing. Read More

Pet Photos with Santa will Raise Funds for Area Shelters

Support your local Feeders Supply store as they host the annual Picture Your Pet With Santa fund raiser for local shelter and animal rescue organizations the first two weekends in December. Read More

Three Tips that Will Make Owning Your First Pet a Little Easier

Cindy Aldridge of Dog Friends shares three tips that will help new pet owners with that first puppy. Read More

Kroger Gift Card Winner

The winner from participants who played our Dog Trivia Game has been chosen. Read More

Five Benefits of Using Dog Kennels

In a guest post, John Howes of Petcareup, offers a list of benefits of using kennels for our dogs. Read More

The FDA Provides Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Drugs

An FDA information sheet of frequently asked questions and the answers about animal drugs. Read More

Dylan and Dawg, A Unique Relationship

My 13-month-old pup, Dylan, plays with a semi-undomesticated cat named Dawg that comes into his territory, our fenced-in backyard, most every day that it's not raining. The two of them are friends one day and enemies the next, or friends for ten minutes and enemies for five or twenty. It varies each time. Read More

Legislation Affecting Pet Stores Elicits Opposing Opinions

Kudos to the California lawmakers! The state has become the first in the nation to outlaw pet store sales of puppies, kittens and rabbits from breeders. California's law came about because of the predominant number of baby animals for sale in pet stores that come from puppy mills, kitten factories, and breeders just looking to make a buck. Read More

A Safe Halloween for Our Pets

Most pet owners know that a bit of preparation and common sense go long ways in making holiday celebrations safe events for our pets. This applies to Halloween, just as any other day we alter our normal daily routine. The basic things to think about include. . . . Read More

Fun Dog Trivia

Play our Dog Trivia Quiz. It's challenging, informative and just plain fun. Play Here

October 2017 Update on Canine Influenza

Multiple cases of canine influenza have recently been confirmed in Louisville. Remember to go to reputable sources to get the facts on canine influenza as misinformation spreads on social media. Read More.

Importance of Socializing Your Dog

Guest author Matt Barnett, of Dog Dojo writes about the importance of socializing our dogs. He shares with us some of the benefits of socialization and some of the problems our furry friends can develop when we don't put forth the effort to ensure that our dogs are properly socialized with other dogs and other humans as well. Read More

The Latest Trends in Pet Ownership

Guest author Zara Lewis, writes about changing trends in pet ownership that indicate pets are becoming real family members. They are no longer left at home, and very few people choose to keep them on a chain. Instead, pets have their own rights and freedoms, and . . . . Read More

Adopting a Pet

I think my personal experience permits me to write with a voice of authority on adopting a pet. The first point I want to make clear is that it's a big and life-changing event to bring a pet into your home. Read More

World Rabies Day: Raising Awareness, Working to Eliminate the Disease

Rabies claims the lives of approximately 59,000 people worldwide each year. We have no reliable statistics on the number of animals that die from the disease. World Rabies Day was established to raise awareness about this disease and to work to eradicate it from our planet. What can pet owners do? Read More

Feline Diabetes -- Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Complications, and Outlook

With the increasing rates of obesity in our pets in the United States, feline diabetes rates are also increasing. Do you know the risk factors, symptoms and how to treat the disease in your cat? Read More

Hunting for a New Home that Your Dog Will Love Too

In a guest post, Cindy Aldridge of Dog Friends, offers useful tips on how to make a move to a new residence comfortable and stress-free for your dog. It starts with considering your dog with the initial house hunting. Read More

Flea Prevention and Treatment for Cats and Dogs

The majority of dogs spend some time outdoors and many pet owners have cats that come and go from indoors to outdoors frequently. If our pets spend any time at all outdoors, flea prevention is something we need to constantly work at on a regular basis. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

My answers to several of the questions I am asked most often by prospective clients, from how often do you visit, to what services do you provide and what do you charge? Read More

Could the Mystery of the Meow be Solved by a New Talking Cat Collar?

Mikel Delgado, a Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, doesn't seem to think so and tells us why in this well-researched article. Read More.

Pet Care During and After a Disaster

Confidence that our pets will be taken care of during and following emergencies starts with a plan. Learn from the experts how to make a viable emergency plan. Read More.

Why Do Cats Like Empty Boxes?

As pet owners know, cats like empty boxes and other small containers. Researchers believe cats like boxes for several reasons . . . . Read More

Do You Talk to Your Dog? And How Many Words Does Your Dog Understand?

Research has shown that not only can our dogs learn hundreds of words, our pets also recognize various tones in which we say words and phrases. Read More

A German Shepherd appears to be listening intently to a man on the lakefront

Pooh and the Gang: A Dog Tale

A personal story about rescuing a dog and all the puppies she brought into my life and what happened to each one of them. Read More.

Learning to Be Safe with Pet Medications

It is so vitally important for pet owners to be aware of what medications prescribed for humans can harm our pets. All too often it seems convenient to use what we have on hand to treat our pets. This can be fatal. Read More

Odd Behaviors in Dogs

What we humans consider odd behaviors in our dogs is something that can become quite concerning. The question as to why they act the way they do is one of the most frequent questions vet are asked. Read More


A personal story about my dog Tripper, whose behavior changes from sweet to horrible in seconds. After reading this you'll understand how he got his name. Read More

How Much Exercise Do Dogs Need?

To determine how much exercise your dog needs, consider your pet's breed or ancestry, size, current health condition and age. In addition, take into account current weather conditions when exercising your dog outdoors. Read More

Providing for Your Pets After Your Death

The Humane Society of the United States offers practical advice on how to provide for your pets after your death. Information includes how to make use of a legal will, a trust and power of attorney, to protect the health and welfare of our pets and prevent him or her from ending up in a shelter. Read More

Vaccinations for Our Dogs and Cats: Yes or No?

Experts argue both for and against vaccinations for adult dogs and cats. I strongly believe in vaccines for puppies and kittens. Adult pets? Read More

Do I Need Pet Insurance?

Learning the basics of pet insurance, how it works, what it covers and how much it costs can help us determine if we need to purchase insurance for our pets. Read More.

Guest Post by Dennis Woodward on Using Aquariums to Relieve Stress

Dennis of Fishboxpro offers tips for those of us with limited space on how to use a planted nano aquarium with fish to reduce stress levels. Read More.

Summer Care for Pets

Summer pet care requires mainly being aware of the immediate environment. Keeping our pets safe is a priority for all of us and a little common sense goes a long way, as the old saying goes. If your pets are like mine, they enjoy the outdoors tremendously. Dylan, especially, wants to be outside every waking minute whenever possible. This means I have to be aware of his immediate surroundings whether we're at home and certainly if . . . . Read More

The Most Popular Pet Names: Dogs and Cats

A friend and I were talking about popular pet names, especially those used for cats and dogs and she read me names from a list she'd gotten somewhere and asked me how many of these I had used in the past. I have volunteered to foster both cats and dogs numerous times throughout the years. I've rescued a number of puppies . . . . Read More

Pets Left in Hot Vehicles: What Can We Do?

Responsible pet owners DO NOT leave pets unattended in hot vehicles. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible. Others assume a pet will be fine left alone for a few minutes in a car if the weather is not blazing hot outside. This is not true. If the sun is shining and it's above 60 degrees outside, an animal left in a vehicle can be in danger. So, if you see an animal suffering in a hot car, what should you do? Read More

Dog Flu: What Is It? What Can We Do?

Canine influenza is spreading across the southeastern United States after dog shows in Georgia and Florida. What is it and how can we stop the spread? Read More.

Traveling With Your Pets

So you're planning a trip and the thought of leaving your pets behind is not acceptable to you. Although, we specialize in taking care of your pets in your own home while you're away, I understand that sometimes you simply cannot leave them. If that's your situation, a little planning and preparation is needed to make traveling with your pets secure and comfortable for both you and them. Read More

Moving With Pets

Moving from one residence to another does not have to be so stressful on our pets if we follow a few simple practices. Read More

Breeders and Puppy Mills, What Can We Do?

Google "Labrador Retriever puppies for sale" and you'll likely be flabbergasted by the literally hundreds, if not thousands, of results the search engine returns. I was. Read More

Guest Post by Frank T. McAndrew on Losing a Dog

Frank T. McAndrew, a professor of psychology at Knox College, relates his personal experience of losing a long-time companion. Read More.

Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

Heartworm disease is a serious condition that is potentially fatal, especially for canines. Pets that suffer from this condition include dogs, cats and ferrets. Other mammals vulnerable to heartworm infestation include coyotes, foxes, sea lions and wolves. There are also reports, albeit rare, of heartworms infecting humans. Read More

Reducing the Mosquito Population

Reducing the mosquito population benefits all birds and mammals, us included. As you well know, not only do mosquitoes transmit heartworms, these pests also carry . . . Read More

Guest Post by Maggie Greene on Building a Cat Room

My friend Maggie Greene, a former Frankfort resident, offers tips on buidling a cat room without breaking the bank. Be sure to read both Part 1 and Part 2 of this helpful and entertaining post.

Dental Care for Your Pets

Not everyone can afford to have their pets teeth cleaned on a regular basis, but with February being National Pet Dental Health Month, I’d like to offer a few suggestions. These are not intended to take the place of very important dental care from your veterinarian. Read More

Euthanasia: Yes or No?

I have shared on this blog several things from my childhood and doing what I thought was the "right" thing to do before I really knew the "right" thing to do. This story is no different in that aspect, it will show you a little glimpse of the way I grew up, and how I grew to be me. Read More

Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

When I was a child, I spent hours carrying around kittens, talking with them, getting to know them, telling them my sorrows, and pretending I understood theirs. We had kittens around quite often back then; we knew nothing of spaying and neutering animals. It seemed every time I turned around another litter was born. Read More

Saving Toby

I first met Toby when he was about three years old. He had been abandoned in a house where someone came by occasionally to toss food through an open window to him . . . . Read More

Do Dogs Dream?

From time to time we hear people ask, "Do dogs dream?" or "Do animals dream?" Read More

Famous Circus Ends

Major news outlets around the nation reported this past weekend that Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus will shut down permanently this coming May. The New York Times (NYT), reported January 14, 2017 that Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment, attributed the decision to declining ticket sales. Read More

Thoughts on Declawing

Kudos to the Clays Mill Veterinary Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. This from the company's Facebook page, "After careful consideration and much soul-searching, we have decided to stop declawing cats." Read More

Health Benefits of Having Pets

When we talk about beneficial pets, service animals often come up in the conversation. It is a fact that service animals offer many benefits to us humans through various therapeutic and helpmate roles. For example, dogs are trained to detect seizures and help vision impaired humans navigate the surroundings. However, research has shown that the beneficial influence pets have on human health extends far beyond trained animal roles. Read More

Chance Edward

I first met Chance about 10 years ago as a small dog chained to a pole on the blacktop in front of a residence on Holmes Street, with no food, shelter or water on a 99 degree hot summer day. I stopped my vehicle to check on him and a gruff man appeared.
Read More

Why Spay and Neuter?

If you have never held a perfectly healthy animal while someone puts a needle into its arm to end its life, you may not understand the importance of having your animals spayed/neutered.
Read More

Abby and Dylan

On November 30, 2016, my heart was broken. I had to make the decision to end Abby's suffering from an incurable kidney disease. She was my little girl and I loved her like I would have loved a human child. I was her "Momma" and there was no telling either of us anything different.
Read More

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