Cats Make Us Healthier and Happier - Here's How

Guest post by Emily Parker,

With so much stress going on in today's world, it's no wonder all of us are looking for ways to get healthier and happier. While for many this means joining a gym or eating better, which are great ideas, one of the easiest and most enjoyable options is adding a friendly and lovable kitty to your life.

In study after study, scientists have found a variety of ways in which our furry four-legged felines spread joy and happiness throughout numerous areas of our lives.

For example, if you have a tendency of feeling depressed, a kitty can fix that in a hurry. Since kitties are great at living life in the moment, watching how your cat takes life as it comes can teach you how to relax, slow down, and be more positive about the days ahead. In recent studies, researchers have concluded that living with a cat can help people with mild to moderate depression, and can also improve your mood by encouraging you to get up and play now and then.

And if you've been trying to learn more about your personality, take a look at how your kitty approaches life. According to researchers, cat owners tend to share similar personality traits, which can be helpful in learning more about what makes you tick. As an example, some studies suggest cat owners tend to be more friendly and caring than non-cat owners, so you might learn more about how you tend to treat others by simply observing your cat.

Looking to save money? Your cat can help with this as well. Since cats have been found to keep their owners much healthier, you can plan on visiting the doctor far less than in years past. By doing so, studies have found you may save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year, thanks to having fewer doctor visits and prescriptions.

As you can see, your cat can make you happier and healthier in more ways than you ever imagined. To find out all 22 fascinating feline facts, curl up on your bed, start purring, and check out the infographic below, originally created by

22 Ways Cats Make Us Healthier and Happier Infographic

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